Welcome. Here are some updates.


January 22nd, 2023

Work has begun on the site, and uploading has begun on our cloud storage. As of this writing we're at just about 370 bands, most with multiple releases.

Thats fucking exciting. Its also a little bit daunting. With this update we'll hopefully have at least one or two band's pages up to start, and its two bands that always kind of stuck out when I thought of doing this archive. You can hop on over there and find out who they are.


In the coming months, and likely year(s) you can expect these to follow:

-More bands

-A flyers page

-Live sets

-An associated YouTube page for when you're blasted drunk on a weekend night and for some reason want to relive your glory days, or fight some demons from your past. Whatever you're tryna do with your old music we're here for you.

-Uhh, more bands


Yeah pretty much just more bands, there's a lot of bands. We'll probably be reaching out to people to ask about these bands too.

Take care. Have patience. We'll try to as well.