What tf is the archive?/FAH-Q


The archive is mainly dealing with New England and its surrounding states (lots of NJ found its way in here, thats ok tho, NJ the state smells bad but the people make good music, and generally don't smell bad), you'll find band pages here chock full of relevant information, pictures, ex members of, all that good stuff, and maybe some interesting facts or tidbits we learn about them while putting this together.


I want to contribute! How do I do that?

We strongly encourage you to send us whatever you think would be fitting for the archive:

  • Your buddy's old bands demo? Send it.
  • Alternate takes of songs, b-sides, songs done with different members etc? Gimme.
  • Unreleased albums that never came out cause your band broke up? Release those files here to us, it will mend relationships and get your band back together. (jk it won't but send it)
  • Some big cool band person's extremely shitty and embarrassing early band? Fuck them and their ego, send it.
  • A Discogs rarity that you're one of like 4 people who own it? Send that shit.
  • You get the point right?


What are the requirements?

Only a couple! Send us whatever you've got in an email, dropbox, google drive, hell ask us and if you don't have anything to upload to Bill will let you upload to a folder made just for you in our Google Drive. The two requirements are:

  • Must not be currently available to purchase from a label
  • Must not be an active band (unless its an old album of theirs that is unavailable, in which case fuck yeah send us that shit)


Is something on here that you don't want on here?

Tough shit homie. Unless there's a really good reason you don't want your music that is making you zero dollars and making us zero dollars on here, kick rocks. We'll hear out anyone tho, head over to the CONTACT page and send us a message. You want specifically identifying information removed? Hit us up. We're reasonable as hell. Being embarrassed isn't a reason tho. Your voice cracked on that second chorus and its still funny to this day.

Who tf are you?


Sure fine. We're Bill and Jim.

Jim's gonna be a dad and is married. Bill isn't.

Bill has been in more bands than you can shake a stick at. Jim's been in like 3.

They both have rad partners and lots of pets tho.

Bill hates the Beatles and Mastodon. Jim doesn't.

Bill and Jim both love talking music, and the more buried, obscure, lost punk/hardcore/metal/whatever it is, the more they both get loud and excited when they talk about it and it gets really awkward if you don't care about it. Ask Kelly or Vanessa.


Anyways. After years of babbling like idiots about sick bands they realized they should use their inexplicable abilities to find old music and make an archive. Also Bill got really sick of whoever the fuck was telling people to message him for stuff. Here it all is. Leave me- him alone.